Inner Trek


Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Process Addictions



When addiction takes hold, it can wreak havoc in your job, your home, your relationships, and and leave you feeling lost. What started out as a positive way to cope with your struggles may have grown into something bigger than you can manage on your own. I believe that recovery is possible. With years of experience working in intensive outpatient addiction treatment and medication assisted treatment, I am well-equipped to address the many ways addictive behaviors can present in your life:

- Alcoholism
- Substance abuse/misuse
- Spending
- Gaming/internet/phone
- Relationships/sex/pornography
- Self-harm

Areas of assistance:

- Relapse prevention planning
- Strengthening support systems
- Developing coping strategies
- Healing hurt relationships
- Processing guilt and shame
- Letting go of control
- Forgiveness
- Improving self-esteem

If you or your family member is struggling with addiction, give me a call. Recovery is possible.