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Mental Health

Depression & Anxiety

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Carrying the weight of depression is exhausting. Managing work, school, relationships, or other responsibilities can seem impossible when you're struggling to want to get out of bed. Whether a big life change has left you spinning, or you've been feeling depression's effects your whole life, therapy can help. Common symptoms of depression include:

- Apathy
- Mood swings
- Guilt
- Fatigue
- Change in sleep patterns
- Appetite changes or weight changes
- Lack of concentration
- Low motivation
- Struggle with everyday activities (like hygiene)
- Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
- Feeling hopeless
- Thoughts of suicide

If you see yourself in this list, let's talk. I'd love to help be part of your journey.



Anxiety can take many shapes, from obsessive thoughts, to phobias, to panic attacks, to constant worrying. Sometimes it can feel like your mind is running you, rather than the other way around. Regardless of the shape of your anxiety, therapy can get you back on track. Common symptoms of anxiety include:

- Irritability
- Restlessness and sleep issues
- Racing, intrusive, or obsessive thoughts
- Excessive worry
- Trembling
- Hypervigilence
- Feeling fearful
- Inability to concentrate
- Avoidance and procrastination
- Nausea
- Heart racing/Chest tightness

If you're struggling with some or all of these, please call me. I'd love to help you find ways to move forward.